The Appetizing French Pastries

Everybody like the French pastries! Yes, the French pastries are the typical dishes that all people want during their visit to that romantic country. In fact, there are a lot of French pastries that will make you feel like flying every time you taste it. Here are the lists of the most delighted French pastries that can also be your favorite.

1. Croissant
No one can deny the delight of the croissant. Croissant is probably one of the French pastries that can be found not only in French. The croissant concept was first made in Austria but then when it came to France, the recipe has been changed. Basically croissant is made of the butter which then tastes so crispy outside and so soft inside.

french pastries - croissant


2. Opera cake
The sweet opera cake probably is one of the French pastries that offer you an appetizing combination among coffee syrup, coffee buttercream, and chocolate ganache. This is a good way to enjoy the coffee and chocolate at the same time. An opera cake is usually served in a rectangular shape which looks so scrumptious.

opera cake

3. Macarons
The lovely colorful macarons are getting popular today. Macaron, actually is one of the French pastries which has various flavor. People said the Macaron is just like a meringue that is made of the ground nuts. Today most patisseries provide the sandwich-like macaron with the rich cream that is loved by everybody.


4. Éclair
Éclair is one of the delighted French pastries that can fill your empty stomach. Éclair is made of the choux pastry which is filled by the pastry cream that has the long shape. In addition, éclair sometimes is given the icing to make it more flavorful. The classic éclair is the combination of the chocolate icing along with the vanilla scented filling.


Those are four examples of mouth-watering French pastries that you can try every time you visit the wonderful France. You should also try some other tasty pastries in France in order to make your visit seems to be more contented. So guys, among all the French pastries, which one do you want to try for first?


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