Choose Your Favorite Dessert!

Dessert is a must in your dining room. It includes sweet course and crunchy snacks. However, it is not easy to choose a good dessert and make it different each day. You need hundred recipes and ideas on how to make delicious desserts for your family. If this is your case, you will soon solve it. We have several ideas for your dessert tonight! Not always difficult, but 100% yummy! Wanna a sneak peak? Here comes the list of the best desserts for your daily meals:

  1. Cookies


There are hundred recipes to make cookies. They include chocolate, vanilla, tiramisu, strawberry, and other fruits and flavors. Cookies often made with mxing flour with baking soda, sugar, and butter. Chocolate, and other flavors can be added as variations. Cookies made with baking the mixed ingredients for 11-13 minutes under 325°F.

  1. Ice cream

Another idea for dessert is ice cream. Who can ignore the delicacy of ice cream? Currently ice cream is made with various flavors, often added with jam and fruits. You can also produce your own ice cream with instant ice cream powder. You just need to add milk and mix it before putting it inside freezer.

  1. Pudding


This dairy base is thickened with starches. Various flavors are used as ingredients and result in delicious and healthy pudding. Vary your pudding with various fruits and flavors. You can add coffee, tiramisu, almond, cashew, and some other ingredients. be brave to experiment with new flavors as it will keep you from the ame dessert every day.

  1. Donuts


Donuts is a deep fried dessert made from flour. It has a circle shape, with various toppings including chocolate, vanilla, cheese, and sugar. Donut is popular dessert which can be found in any countries. You can make your own donut by mixing flour with butter, eggs, and other ingredients. fto avoid boredom, combine the toppings with new flavors everyday, such as using avocados as filling r make donuts with square shape, or making it ring-shaped.

  1. Pies


The most popular pie is said to be apple pie. It is a crust with a filling made with apple slices. Pies also come from various fillings, such as chocolate, vanilla, tiramisu, and other variants of fruits. Pies are bset to consume while they are hot. Combine your favorite pie with new fillings to create bon appetite.

  1. Fruits

Getting bored with sweet courses? Try fruits as your desserts. They are healthy and contain much nutrition. You can choose apple, banana, avocado, grapes, or other fruits to be your dessert. Fruits are also good choices for your diet. You can escape from sweet and fatty courses and gain benefits from fruits’ nutrition!

Dessert must be varied to avoid boredom. When you have kids, dessert must be challenging as you need to keep nutrition while keeping them delicious and colorful. If you are too busy to make desserts, just buy it from bakery or making dessert from instant flour. Bon Appetite!


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