The Most Delicious Dessert in the World

We have to be ready to get hungry whenever we are talking about the most delicious dessert in the world. As we all know that every different country has its own tasty dessert and what about if we try them all? Can we choose which one is the most delicious dessert? However, here we have already found the answer of the most delicious dessert according to many people experiences.

1. Apple pie
Everybody loves the apple pie! Perhaps that is why the apple pie belongs to one of the most delicious dessert. The apple pie was actually originated in England which then came to the United States of America. However, both the American apple pie and the English apple pie have the mouth-watering taste.

most delicious dessert

2. Christmas pudding
The next most delicious dessert is the Christmas pudding. This typical Christmas dessert indeed has the scrumptious taste. This dessert is made of the perfect combination of the dried fruit, brown sugar, citrus juice, black treacle syrup, sherry, rum, and others. People usually served this pudding at the Christmas dinner.


3. Cannoli
Cannoli is our next most delicious dessert. Cannoli is actually the fried pastry dough which is filled with the creamy ricotta cheese or the mascarpone cheese that is shaped in a form of tube. Cannoli used to be served at the Carnevale season that is held in Italy. However, in the 1900s, cannoli started to be so well-known the America.

most delicious dessert1

most delicious dessert2

4. Kheer
Kheer is the most delicious dessert which we can find mostly in south of Asia. Kheer is the typical food that is usually served at the Muslim and Hindu special occasions. Actually Kheer is a kind of rice pudding that is made of the sugar, milk, raisins, cardamom, nuts, saffron, and any other ingredients.


Apple pie, Christmas pudding, cannoli, and kheer are four examples of the most delicious dessert that can be found in United Kingdom, United States of America, Italy, and South East Asia. However, outside there, we still can find numerous kinds of delicious dessert and different people may have different point of view as well. So, which dish belongs to the most delicious dessert according to your opinion, guys?


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