The Favorable Coffee Types for Men

As we know that there are so many coffee types which can be found in every café, restaurant, and coffee shop all around the world. Coffee probably becomes the most favorite beverage for all people whether men or women, young or old. Among all coffee types, there are some types which are loved by people especially for men. Then, here are the lists of the coffee types that the men like.


1. Espresso
This black coffee is made from the roasting aromatic coffee beans in the espresso machine with the high pressure. This black coffee becomes one of the favorite coffee types because it has a strong taste. People usually serve espresso by using small amount of sugar and less water in order to keep the original taste which is not too sweet.


2. Mochachino
Basically, mochachino is a variant of the caffè latte which comes from the combination of espresso, milk, and chocolate (it can be chocolate powder or chocolate syrup). Mochachino is one of the favorable coffee types which can be served with many kinds of topping such as cinnamon, whipped cream, grated chocolate, or others.

mochachino coffee

3. Cappuccino
Cappuccino is one of the coffee types which is liked by everyone. Cappuccino is made from the combination of espresso, milk froth and also the steamed milk. People today not only like drinking the hot cappuccino but also the ice cappuccino especially in summer. In addition, a cup of cappuccino can be given the grated dark chocolate as the best topping.


4. Café bombón
This one of the coffee types can easily be found in Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. The Café bombón is the great combination of the espresso and the condensed milk. The coffee maker usually add the condensed milk slowly to the espresso and as the result, you will see two different layers. So then, you have to stir this coffee before drink it.


Espresso, mochachino, cappuccino, and café bombón are four coffee types which men usually like. On the other hand, in serving the coffee, different coffee house might have its own secret recipe to make their coffee tastes best. So, in your own opinion, do those four coffee types really have a very flavorful taste?


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