French Food: Paradise of Fabulous Pastries

Not only famous for its beauty, France also appears to be a country rich of pastries. France considered cooking and baking as an artful science. They compete to create the best pastries recipes. Basically, French food (pastries) consist of patisseries (fancy cake) and boulangeries (cream-filled things). Each has its own fans.

Dreaming of eating French pastries? Before hunting these delicious fellas, take a deep look at these French foods:

  1. CroissantFrench food

French is not the first to produce this delicious food. Austria has done this first, before French adopted the recipe and modified it into the croissant you know now. Croissant made from incorporating amount of butter into dough. To create the crunchy outer, you need to fold and re-fold it numeruous times. This French food has airy texture, yet rich in flavours. While biting it, a very soft interious came out. Yummy!

  1. MacaronsFrench food

This colorful cake has been very famous lately for its sweetness and cute looks. Basically, this French food was produced as crunchy cookies with colorful looks made from ground nuts. Some people in Landuree then modified macarons into a sandwich-like, where they sandwich two of macarons together with delicious creams. Macarons can be easily found in any bakeshop.

  1. NapoleonFrench food

Although this French food is known as Napoleon, in France it is called as Mille-Fueille. This name derived from “thousand leaves” which refers to its tiny slice of pastry filled with rich cream and topped with icing. Mille-Fueille comes out with different recipes all over Russia, United Kingdom, and The United States.

  1. Paris BrestFrench food

Yes, this food has quite naughty name. However this name comes out from a very different history. This doughnut-shaped choux pastry which is sandwiched and stuffed with rich creams is inspired by the bycicle race between Paris and Brest. Paris Brest shape was adopted from the shape of bycicle wheel.

  1. EclairFrench food

This cake has a similar name with one of famous brands. Eclair is a thin and long pastry made with choux pastry filled with creams and topped with icing. French bakers combine the recipe with many variations, from black currant to coffee. Eclair is popular for being a long cake with a short duration to eat as it is very thin.

  1. St. HonoreFrench food

Look cute, right? This French food is created in honor of pastry chefs, Saint Honore. It is a puffy pastry which is topped with caramelized sugar. This cute pastry is not as famous as macarons or croissants, yet it has been adored by the majority of French for its sweetness and cute looks.

  1. Opera CakeFrench Food

This gateau composed of thin layers soaked in coffee syrup and layered with coffee buttercream is large-shaped bar. This French food is popularized by Dalloyau, a Parisian patisserie. Sometimes this luxury cake is also called as Clichy Cake.

France is paradise of pastries. This country has created more and more variations of cake made with choux pastry combined with various creams and flavours. Have you tried these French foods?


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