Healthy Food for Everyday Consumption

People need to consume the healthy food which can give the body basic nutrients in order to keep the body healthy. As we all know that there are some lists of healthy food or super food that we can have to remain health, however experts already classified the healthy food that should be eaten every day so that our body can get enough energy. Here are some examples of the healthy food that you should have every day.

1. Beans

The first healthy food that you have to have every day is bean. A half cup of beans for every day will give you a pack of nutrients because beans consist of magnesium, protein, potassium, and of course fiber. The beans’ nutrients can help you in reducing the risk of stroke and high blood pressure.


2. Lean meats
Meat can also be the healthy food that you should eat every day. Having the lean cuts of beef, turkey, and chicken will give you enough protein and also the amino acids which are good to build the muscle. Meat also contains the vitamin B, iron, and selenium which can protect the cells and they are also good for the metabolism.

healthy food

3. Olive oil

Using olive oil instead of the lard and butter for cooking can be the best choice. Olive oil can be the best substitution because it will give the positive effect for the health of the heart. As one of the examples of the healthy food, the vitamin E and monounsaturated fat that can be found in olive oil can help you to lower the cholesterol.

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4. Dark chocolate
Everybody loves chocolate! Chocolate is known as the snack with so many benefits. Besides chocolate can help you reducing the stress, chocolate especially the dark chocolate belongs to the healthy food that contains flavonoids. Flavonoid plays a role to maintain the health of heart.

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healthy food3

Beans, lean meats, olive oil, and dark chocolate are four examples of the healthy food that you can have every day in order to maintain your health. On the other hand, do not forget to consume the fresh vegetables and fruits, and also enough water to make everything balance. Well then, have a healthy food guys.


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