Kids’ Beverages: What Is Best and What Is Worst

Kids have different interest in choosing their favorite beverages. In short, they like colorful and sweet beverages as they are more captivating. Somehow, there are many hidden facts about beverages that kids love. See this list to know what is best and what is worst for your lovely children:

  1. Avoid artificially colored beverages


Kids love anything that is colorful and sweet. Artificial color in kids’ beverage contain dangerous chemical substances that can harm your children. Although some dyes are allowed to be consumed, some researches show that colored drinks can cause hyperactive behaviors. Now that some dyes are proven to harm your kids, is it worth the risk to let your children drink everything they want?

  1. Say No to Sport drinks

Sport beverages are highly colored and highly sweetened. Sport beverages are made fr athletes to boost their performance. Athletes need sugar and calory to give them strength, but your children do not really need them. This can cause obesity and make them addicted to sweet beverages. Sport drinks can also manipulate body to stay awake while they need time to rest. This will give your children no time to feel tired, which is obviously dangerous.

  1. Give them water


Water brings many benefits for human body. It is the main tool to keep your cells move and distribute nutrition to the entire body. Water is also not expensive, which is good for your financial. Somehow, you will get trouble if you do not accustomize your children to drink water as water is not sweet, does not contain any special flavor, and is not colorful.

  1. Get juice, juice!


Juice is made with fresh vegetables and fruits, making it very refreshing and have a delicious flavor. Juice is a good choice for your children as they need many vitamins and nutrition for their body growth. Juice also give your children varied beverages to avoid boredom for having milk and water everyday! Try mixing carrot, apple, and lime, or simply use your juicer to mix avocado.

  1. Milk is good


Milk is another way to vary your kids’ beverages. Milk contains a lot of nutrition and taste good. Milk also comes with various flavors. You can make it in a short time and they are good gor their body. Try some variants of milks, such as ettawa milk, and cow milk. If your children do not like to drink milk, try with soybean milk, which tastes better.

  1. Try honey

Another good choice is mixing your children beverages with honey. It tastes sweet and bring many benefits for their body. You can also add honey to their pancake or their bread. Honey can substitute sugar, and much way better. You can also experiment other recipes with honey to captivate your children!

Kids need various nutrition fro their body. Hence, it is always important to keep give them healthy beverages and avoid highly colored drinks. Kids will need time to love healthy beverages, but the more you pause it, the more they love unhealthy drinks!



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