The Powerful Superfruit

Have you ever heard about the term of Superfruit? Perhaps most of you have already understood that the term Superfruit is given to the fruits which have a lot of benefit for health. There are several kinds of the Superfruit or healthy fruit that should be noticed by people in order to gain the benefits. Below are four examples of Superfruit that you should know.

1. The berries
Almost all kinds of berries belongs the Superfruit. Three of the berries which are raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries actually have different advantages. Raspberries contain the highest fiber among all berries, while blackberries contain the polyphenol which can reduce the risk of cancer. Then, blueberries have the antioxidant which can ward off the Alzheimer.

superfruit berries

2. Grapes
Grapes also belong to the Superfruit since it has the great benefit. Grapes contain an antioxidant named resveratrol which is good for heart. Besides, the extract grape seed is also able to slow the Alzheimer and defeat the neck and head cancer cells. In addition, the malic acid that is found in grapes can be used for bleaching the teeth naturally.


3. Dragon fruit
The dragon fruit which has the distinctive appearance is actually one of the Superfruits. In fact, this fruit that can be easily be found in Asia, contains the fatty acid (which cannot be made by the body), oleic acid that will help the body to lower the bad cholesterol and also raise the good cholesterol.


4. Avocado
This Superfruit actually also contains the fatty acid just like the dragon fruit. Avocado also contains the high amount of fiber and antioxidant vitamin E. avocado can also be used to prevent the growing of inflammatory chemicals in our body which can be so helpful for the people who have arthritis, tendinitis, and even heart disease.

superfruit avocado


Well, the berries, grapes, dragon fruit, and avocado are several examples of Superfruit which have several advantages for our health. In addition, there are still other examples of the Superfruit such as citrus, apple, pomegranate, watermelon, pineapple, and so forth that you can consume as your snack. Well then, you may start your healthy lifestyle by having the Superfruit regularly.


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