Restaurant Built in The Most Unlikely Places!

People love to eat. Eating in a lovely restaurant will be a greater satisfaction. Emerged from creative people around the world, these restaurants have been built to fill people’s desire to eat in urforgettable places. Built in the most unlikely places, these restaurants will surely amaze you! When you get enough money, these restaurants are not bad deals to get exceptional eating experience. Get ready to see the lists:

  1. Ithaa restaurant, eating in the water  restaurant 

Built in 4.87 m below sea level, Ithaa restaurant will make you completely stunned! You’ll get to see the views of sea life right above your head. You’ll be surrounded by hundreds of sea animals while dining! With only 14-person capacity and designed in 5m x 9m (16ft x 30ft) area, you’ll get memorable dining memory.

  1. Sky Dining, dining in ferris wheelrestaurant

Singapore is perhaps the only country with a restaurant in a ferris wheel. Yes! The Singapore Flyer is a restaurant built in a ferris wheel! A spacious indoor with amazing views of Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay is offered as the main attraction. At a height of 165 meters (541 ft), you’ll get to experience a romantic sky dining in Singapore Flyer!

  1. Soneva Kiri, eating on a treerestaurant

Remember Marsupilami? A nature dining is offered by Soneva Kiri resort, located in rainforest at Koh Kood, Bangkok, Thailand, which has a similar concept with Marsupilami’s house. The idea is to eat on the top of a tree while sitting on a bamboo pod. You’ll get zip-line services by professional bartendars after getting elevated to the top of the tree.

  1. Sirocco, dining at the rooftoprestaurant

Need some fresh air while eating? Perhaps you can taste a different experience by visiting Sirocco. Built on the top of 63rd floor of Lebua Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, this restaurant has an open air rooftop. Those appealing views of Bangkok at night is the main attraction of this winning-award restaurant. While gazing the stars and eating delicious meals, experience Bangkok night views!

These restaurants are not built for “only” eating delicious meals. Instead, these restaurants bring you to to experience eating in the most unlikely places!


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