The Scrumptious Dutch Snack

Tasting the delighted Dutch snack probably becomes the reason why people go to that beautiful country. As we all know that there are various kinds of Dutch snack that we can have there and indeed their taste so good. Then guys, among various kinds of mouth-watering Dutch snack, here we are going to talk about the four most well-known Dutch snacks that have to be tried although only for once in your life.

1. Bitterballen
Our first Dutch snack is the bitterballen. People can easily find this typical snack at almost all bars and cafes all over Netherland. Bitterballen is actually the crunchy orb that is filled with the perfect combination of beef broth, chopped beef, butter, flour, and of course the spices and herbs. People usually served it along with the mustard.

dutch snack

2. Poffertjes
Poffertjes are the Dutch pancake that is made from the buckwheat flour and the yeast. Poffertjes are the puffy fluffy Dutch snack that is usually consumed in the winter or fall. You will find so many food stalls in the street corners and outdoor market that sell the poffertjes at winter and fall. The Poffertjes are usually topped with the powdered sugar, stroop, or slagroom.


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3. Stroopwafel
Stroopwafel or the syrup waffle is the chewy Dutch snack which is originated from the Gouda, one of the cities in Netherlands. The stroopwafle is made of two thin layers of waffle (batter) which then filled with the sticky syrup. The stroopwafel can be found everywhere in Netherlands and it is good to be eaten along with tea or coffee.

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4. Olliebollen
The Dutch snack that you can find in some festivals and markets during winter is the Olliebollen. The Dutch people usually eat the olliebollen at the New Year’s Eve. The olliebollen’s taste and texture are almost similar to the doughnut which is served with the powdered sugar as the topping.


The bitterballen, poffertjes, stroopwafel, and the olliebollen are four examples of the mouth-watering Dutch snack which you can try during your visit to Netherland. Those four snacks can be easily found at the grocery store, restaurant, café, bar, and even at the street market all over Netherland. I hope you can enjoy those delighted Dutch snack guys.


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