Thai Foods: Fresh, Spicy, and Colorful!

Thailand has their own secret recipes for delicacy. Thai foods have various meals with local ingredients. Each food has its own distinctive feature. Thai foods are not only popular for the delights, but also the strong aroma and the distinctive colors. The most famous Thai cuisine laid on their various street foods. Although some people doubt the cleanliness of these foods, Thai foods are still adored by the majority of Thais. Take a look at these lists:

  1. Phat Thai

Don’t ever leave Thailand before tasting Phat Thai. This food is made with thin rice noodles stir-fried with egg, tofu and shrimp. To make it more captivating, fish sauce, sugar, tamarind, vinegar and dried chili are added as the seasoning. Phat Thai is invented by a Chinese-Thai chef. Nowadays, Phat Thai is one of the most famous Thai foods!

  1. Laap

The delicacy of minced meat is complete with roasted rice powder, lime juice, and fis sauce. In addition, fresh herbs come as accompaniment. Laap is eaten with sticky rice and eaten by hand, making it more delicious. Laap is also preferred as a healthy dish coming from Thailand. Wanna taste this?

  1. Tom Yum

Although originated from Thailand, Tom Yum can be found easily in Malaysia and Singapore. This hot ans sour soup with fragrant herbs are often served with meats such as chicken, beef, pork, or shrimp inside the soup. Tom Yum is also availabel in some restaurants in Asian country. Sometimes, people cook Tom Yum simply by using Tom Yum paste from supermarket.

  1. Khao Pat

Khao Pat is basically a fried rice with hearty chunks of egg and crab. This delicious and colorful food is served as comfort food for Thai children. Khao Pat comes with many improvisations including fragrant herbs and vegetables as accompaniment. To best serve Khao Pat, eat while it is hot!

  1. Kai Yang

Grilled chicken with special sauce named Kai Yang is the most legendary Thai food. This food is made with special mixture of fish sauce, coriander root and garlic. At a glance, Kai Yang looks like Ayam Bakar from Indonesia. Kai Yang is paired with spicy sambal and fresh vegetables. It is also often eaten with sticky rice.

  1. Yam

A unique salad from Thailand is named as Yam. You can find this side dishes almost everywhere. Meat or seafood is combined with spicy seasoning and fresh herbs. The result is fabulous, super hot and fresh salad! Yam is best eaten in daylight and best accompanied with fresh vegetables juice!

Thai foods have similarities with Japanese foods in which they used vegetables and herbs as the main ingredient. Thai foods are also colorful and spicy, with the absence of something creamy coming from milk or coconut milk. Thai food are fresh and strong in aroma, something we find in other Asian cuisine. Although it may taste the same, you can never ignore Thai foods as they are not necessarily expensive, yet rich in flavor!


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