Three Disadvantages of Fruit

If you are in love with fruit, then you have to aware of the disadvantages of fruit as well. I strongly believe that we all agree that fruit has numerous benefits for our health, however actually we also have to know what the disadvantages of fruit for our body are. Below will be mentioned some disadvantages of fruit that should be known.

1. Sugar imbalance
Among some disadvantages of fruit, the sugar imbalance thing perhaps will be so crucial for you who have diabetes or another sugar health problem. As we all know that people with diabetes have to monitor the amount of the sugar and carbohydrate they have, so it means they also have to control their fruit consumption. The half of banana or 1¼ cup of strawberry will be enough for people with diabetes.



2. Indigestion
Stomach pain, heartburn, gas, bloating, and nausea are some symptoms which are associated with the indigestion. One of the disadvantages of fruit is the indigestion problem. When you are having those symptoms, eating the fresh fruit can cause more irritation for the sensitive stomach. While the fruit which has high fiber can cause the stomach upset if you have too much of it on your diet.

boy holding hands on his stomach over white background, pain

3. Bacteria
Another example of the disadvantages of fruit will be related to the bacteria. Salmonella, listeria, and E. coli are some examples of the bacteria that may attach to the fruit which come from the soil, wind, and also rain. The fruit with soft skin such as strawberry and grapes may be the good house for the bacteria. Since people usually like to eat fruit in a raw condition, so it is better to wash the fruit properly to reduce the risk of getting sick.

disadvantages of fruit1


The sugar imbalance, indigestion problem, and bacteria contamination are three examples of the disadvantages of fruit. Those facts actually remind us that fruit which has numerous benefit is actually also has the disadvantages. So guys, always beware of the disadvantages of fruit to keep you always healthy,


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