Top 6 British Foods You Need To Taste

Ah, British always reminds us with their beautiful scenery and their wonderful castles. British also have their own recipes to make delicious meals and drinks. They use meats and beefs to have special dishes served on the table. Among British, Bacon sandwich comes first as the winner of most desired food in the entire England. Sunday roast and Yorkshire pudding come next. See the list of most favorite foods among British as follows:

  1. Bacon Sandwich


Why everyone loves Bacon sandwich? Because it smells and tastes so good that even a vegetarian will salivate. So, what is the secret of this tasty sandwich? A manager in Newcastle said that Bacon Sandwich tastes and smells so good because of Maillard Reaction. It is said as a reaction between amino acids in the bacon and reducing sugars in the fat. Bacon sandwich is made with white sliced bread, filled with bacon which are fried and served with brown sauce.

  1. Sunday Roast


This traditional meal is originated from England and Ireland. Sunday roast includes roasted meat, roast potato or mashed potato. Sunday roasted is often served with Yorkshire puddings and vegetables. The term Sunday roast comes from the tradition to eat this meal every Sunday. Somehow, you can eat this meal in any day in the week. Sunday roast are typically made with roast beef, chicken, lamb or pork. Yummy!

  1. Yorkshire pudding


This pudding is made from batter mixed with eggs, flour, and milk. Yorkshire pudding is often served with Sunday roast. However, Sunday roast can also be served as sweets, with sugar, golden syrup, jam, or orange sauce. This traditional dish is adored by most British.

  1. A Cup of Tea


British has their unique tea. The tea does not come from tea bags or powder, but the real tea leaf. The tea is made with Camellia Sinensis which can transform into white, black, or green tea, depends on how the tea picked up. A cup of tea becomes one of the most favorite beverage in Britain, as the temperature is quite cold.

  1. Cornish Pasty


This delicious dish is said to be originated from Ireland and Great Britain. Both British or Irish love this simple dish. Cornish pasty is often filled with minced pork, minced meat, or vegetables. Sometimes, British mix minced pork on one side, and use fruits on the other side. A bit strange, but it tastes wonderful!

  1. Full Breakfast


Sounds good, huh? Yes! A full breakfast for British means various foods during breakfast, although full breakfast also served in lunch. Currently, full breakfast is served during weekend. Full breakfast contains of Black Pudding, Baked Beans and Fried Bread. Sometimes, it also consists of bacon, eggs, mushroom, sausages, sauce, and a cup of tea. Guilty pleasure!

British also have many food with strange names which are famous throughout the world, just like Toad in the Hole, Bubble and Squeak, and Spotted Dick. Which British foods you wanna try?


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