Top 7 Mexican Foods: Crunchy and Spicy

Get bored with your daily food? Try tasting Mexican food. Yes, this country is not only popular with cowboy , but also its local food. Mexican food offers creative recipes, often mixing fruit and beef, sometimes mixed with vegetables, making it colorful, tasty, and healthy. Don’t ever leave Mexico unless you taste these delicious foods:

  1. Enchiladas

Mexican Foods

Enchilladas is best served with corn tortillas. Somehow, you can also use flour tortillas to make this Enchilladas tasty. Enchilladas is filled with meat, cheese, seafood, beans, vegetables, or simply filled with all of them. To make it yummy, spicy sauce is served beside Enchilladas. Garlic beef Enchilladas is best known for its easy recipe and tasty flavour.

  1. Tostadas

Mexican Foods

Stale tortillas are not meant to be thrown away. You can simply fry them and get delicious dish called Tostadas. As garnishes, Mexican used seafood, cooked meat, fried beans, and some other toppings. Fry the tortillas until it turns into golden color, and serve with various garnishes to get the best taste of tortillas!

  1. Elote

Mexican Foods

At a glance, Elote is just a boiled corn. This corn is sold on the cob and served with Salt, chili powder, lime, butter, cheese mayonnaise and sour cream. It is often served on a stick or a cup. Elote in one of the most favorite Mexican foods that can be found in almost every corner of streets. It is sweet, creamy, and tasty!

  1. Chilaquiles

Mexican Foods

Corn tortillas also can be made into Chilaquiles. This Mexican food is made with corn tortillas and topped with salsa (green or red salsa). Pulled chicken and scrambled egg are often added on top. Sometimes, it is also served with cheese and cream. Mexicans also used fried egg as the topping with refried beans, making it tasty!

  1. Taco filled peppers

Mexican Foods

Another version of Taco is turning it into Taco filled peppers. You can use green pepper as the bowl and stuffed the taco with refreshing vegetables and zippy beef and beans. Not only it is tasty, but also beautiful as ever! Taco filled peppers is best served during summer with its spicy flavor. Wanna try some fresh and spicy dish? Taco filled peppers can be a great choice!

  1. Burritos

Mexican Foods

What is more delicious than a traditional burritos stuffed fruits and veggies? Mexican Barritos is also served with nutrition and whole-grain twist. This fruity burritos is best served with spicy salsa. Try making it more colorful with various fruits, just like, pineapple, kiwi, and apple.

  1. Mole

Mole can be accompaniment for any Mexican foods. It uses various kinds of peppers and long stir to make it. As it is made from peppers, it is spicy and tasty! Any kind of tacos and tortillas can be topped with Mole.

Mexican foods use tacos and tortillas as main ingredients. Mexican foods are typically spicy and sweet, with crunchy parts coming from tortillas. Wanna try something crunchy and spicy? Do come to Mexico and feel the delights!


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