Most-Unique Beverages All Over The World

What beverage do you find very odd? Chrysantemum tea? Or Rice Wine? Wait, you will surely get amused by these unique beverages as they are made with odd ingredients and taste “strange”. However, these unique beverages have their own fans. Instead of drinking soda everyday, how about tasting a single cup of these beverages? Take a look at this list:

  1. Dark Tea


This strange beverage comes out from a fermented tea. The tea leaves are rolled and moistened. Then they keep the leaves to ferment for several years. You can find this unique tea at Yunan province, China. This dark tea is believed as a magical cure for all diseases. The tea leaves are often compressed into cakes, when they turn the colors into black. How about the taste? It is richer and taste a lot like a dried Chinese dates.

  1. Basi


Basi is enthralling as it is not made from a common ingredients. basi is made with sugarcane which is fermented for about 6-12 months. Sometimes, Basi is fermented for some years, and make it more expensive. Basi is made with boiled sugarcane which is mixed with samac leaves. Samac has high alcohol level which makes it alcoholic. Ypu can find this unique beverage in Philiphine. Basi tastes bitter, sour, and sweet.

  1. Kvass


Russians made Kvass from a fermented rye bread. Kvas is an alternative for soda in Russia. Sometimes Kvas is sweetened and flavored with mint leaves, making it different from another beverage. Kvas is bubbly, just like soda, but is a bit sweeter. Kvas does not contain a lot of alcohol as it has only 1% alcohol level.

  1. Kefir


Another odd beverage is called as Kefir. What is Kefir? It is a fermented milk with a secret ingredient named Kefir grains. This beverage is originally a special beverage served for elite family in Russia, but since the ingredient is being found, Kefir became commercial. You can find Kefir easily and US or find Kefir grains in supermarket.

  1. Toddy


Originated from Asia, Africa, and India, Toddy is often called as Kallu. It is a fermented palm sap which is made within 24 hours. This juicy beverage has a strong smell. When Toddy is fermented longer, it becomes sour and acidic. Toddy contains about 3-6% of alcohol. This beverage tastes sweet and strong.

  1. Makgeolli


Koreans also has a unique beverage called as Makgeolli. This fermented rice wine is currently very popular and becomes the icon of Korean beverages, served in international conference, and becomes tourists’ attraction. Makgeolly is a lot like a beer with 3-8% of alcohol. It is often served in a cup, with a stir to keep it white and cloudy.

These unique beverages have different ingredients and flavors. As they are made with unique method and ingredient, these beverages are often sold with premium price. Never miss these unique beverages while you are visiting Philipphine, China, Korea, or India as they will leave you with a deep impression!


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