The World’s 6 Most Popular Foods

Have you ever wondered what are the most popular foods around the world? Now you don’t need to be curious all along as we have top 10 most popular foods from all over the worlds. These foods can be found easily in any country and are considered as tasty for the majority of people. These foods also have standardized recipe which makes it possible to keep the original taste. Let’s see the top 10 most popular foods you have to taste:

  1. Pizza, Italy

italian foods

Originated from Italy, Pizza can be found in any countries. The original taste is called as Neapolitan Pizza. This pizza use sea-salt, with wooden-fired oven. This pizza used hand-rolled dough with high grated flour, making it delicious and tasty. Although some restaurants no longer use wooden-fired oven, pizza has tits own taste that makes everyone salivate.

  1. Ice Cream, United States


No one can ignore the delicacy of ice cream. This creamy and sweet ice is originated from United States. Nowadays, ice cream can be found in various flavors with various methods in making it, just like nitrogen ice cream. The flavors including durian, peanuts, almond, and some other tropical fruits. Ice cream has become the worl’s most famous beverage and adored by almost everyone.

  1. Burger, Germany


Burger is as popular as pizza. It is originated from Germany, and becomes so popular all over the world. A common burger consists of ham, with two breads, cucumber, a slice of cabbage, tomato, and cheese. A special sauce is some times used as addition. While Mc.Donalds and KFC spread their wings, burger is one menu that becomes people’s favorite.

  1. Chocolate, Mexico


A chocolate bar is originated from Mexico, although nowadays Switzerland is the one becomes very popular for its chocolate factory. Chocolate has special effect on human’s body that makes everyone wants to eat it more and more. This addicting effect makes chocolate more famous. These days, people tend to eat chocolate when they are in bad mood, or simply eat it as snacks.

  1. Sushi, Japan


Finally, Asia comes with very popular dish, named Sushi. This delicious food is originated from Japan and become famous throughtout Europe and America. Sushi consists of sticky rice combined with raw meat with washabi and wrapped with seaweed. This local dish is adored by many people all over the world. You can easily find this dish in Japanese restaurants.

  1. Ramen, Korea


There have been some modifications in ramen. Somehow, the most popular kind of noodles are still Ramen, the one originated from South Korea. Ramen have various flavors with various fillings, including seafood, beef, egg, and others. Instant Ramen can be found easily in supermarket, while homemade Ramen is available in Korean restaurants.

Have you tasted these top 6 popular foods? These foods are no longer local foods as they are available in any countries. You can also have these popular dishes with affordable prices as the ingredients are available in supermarket and traditional markets.


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